Digital Brokerage Tools

for Traditional Logistics

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: traditional logistics organizations are better suited to provide holistic logistics services than digital freight brokerages. However, digital brokerages have an edge when it comes to speed of communication and visibility. We are here to provide traditional organizations with digital brokerage tools that not only give the same speed of communication and visibility, but do so in a simple way, fitting in with traditional workflows and practices.

Our Solutions


CONNECT is your solution for digital carrier network interactions. Leverage our simple automation and build inbound loyalty.

Popular Features

Tendering Automation

Carrier Portal

User Permissions

Load Board

A robust platform for North American spot market access. Post loads, receive bids, and browse capacity.

Popular Features

Find Loads

Counter Offer

Post Capacity


If you have recently become a part of a broker's CONNECT system, or are looking to learn about our Load Board.

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Load Board

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