Digitize your Brokerage

Automate your tendering process for both RFQs and spot quotes to gain massive efficiency in daily ground transport operations.

Digitize touchpoints between you and your trusted carrier network, and grow inbound loyalty.

Have carriers accept rates, send counter offers, and post bids. When you are ready, confirm the rate with your preferred carrier.

Segment responsibilities between administrator and coordinator organizational accounts, reducing clutter and confusion.

Onboard Carriers in Seconds

With CONNECT, you can onboard your trusted carriers in seconds. Just upload your carrier lists and CONNECT will generate a unique profile for each carrier, allowing you to digitally interact with them through a private and secure channel.

Private Customizable Portal

Our customizable portal allows you to provide your partner network with a direct link on your website, giving carriers another channel for accessing your CONNECT, and building inbound loyalty with your carrier network.

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